Definition.  Ether is a very fine type of energy that is somewhat like electricity, but not exactly the same.  It is all around us, and it permeates all physical matter and all of space.  Other names for it are chi, qi, vital force, and prana.

It is a wave-and-particle type of energy, in terms of modern physics.  It is really a range of frequencies of energy, and not just a single frequency of energy.  It cannot be seen by human beings, but some can feel it.

The source of life.  Ether is required for the creation and maintenance of all physical matter on all planets.  If this etheric “driver” were to disappear, the entire physical universe, including the planets and suns, would cease to exist.

Required for our lives.  The same subtle energy activates and gives life to all living beings in the physical world.  It must be present or life ceases.  If one has enough of it, one is healthy.  As we age, it tends to decrease in the body until life is no longer possible.  

As a result of the above, it is incorrect to focus solely upon physical nutrients and chemistry to heal the body.  One can and must also focus on preserving and enhancing ether in the body.  This is a physics concept, but very important for our health.  The rest of this article discusses how to do this.




The original source of ether in the universe is from thought.  Whenever a being thinks, he or she generates a little ether.  Thought is creative and is a wave phenomenon.

If one develops the power of the mind, one can generate a lot of ether just by thinking.  However, the thinking of most people is very weak and creates very little either.  Therefore, most people must obtain ether in other ways.  These are: 


1. Intrinsic ether.  Each person is born with a certain amount of ether.  As one ages, this source of ether is used up.  In a way, aging is simply the depletion of one’s intrinsic ether supply.


2. Environmental ether.  This is ether that one obtains from one’s environment.  One can absorb some ether from food, water and air one breathes.  

This is a very important source of ether and the reason for care in regard to diet, drinking water and breathing.  For example, breathing deeply for at least an hour daily will bring in a lot of environmental ether.  

Foods that contain a lot of ether.  These are:

- Cooked vegetables.  Proper cooking enhances the available ether by making it easier for the body to absorb the minerals in the vegetables.  Without cooking, the minerals are locked in the tough vegetable fibers.

The diet we suggest contains 70% cooked vegetables, eaten with every meal, three times daily.  Otherwise, most people will not get enough of the alkaline reserve minerals found almost exclusively in cooked vegetables.

- Animal protein. Lamb, chicken, turkey, sardines and eggs are an excellent source of ether.  However, animal protein is slightly toxic if eaten in excess.  Therefore, it is best to have only small portions (4-5 ounces) once or twice daily. 

Sardines contain an excellent ether, as do other fish.  However, all fish except the tiny ones contain too much mercury to be eaten today.

- Whole grains.  These contain a lot of ether, especially. blue corn, which cannot be as easily ruined by hybridization.  A simple way to eat it is in the form of blue corn tortilla chips that are widely available and don’t require preparation.

Wheat was formerly an excellent food.  Today it is all hybrids and contains much less ether than it did even 30 years ago.  It has become an irritating food for the intestinal tracts of most people.  We suggest avoiding it altogether in any form, even organic whole wheat.

Eggs are fine – but only up to 6 eggs per week, and only when cooked for 2-3 minutes so the yolks are runny.

- Fats and oils contain some ether, and are best eaten without cooking them.

Other foods such as fruits, nuts, seeds, beans, refined grains, and food that contain chemicals contain very little ether.  They should be avoided or eaten sparingly.  Coconut oil comes from a fruit, so it has less ether and is not recommended for this reason, although a little is okay.

Today, all of our food is somewhat low in ether due to its lower mineral content.  This is due to the use of superphosphate fertilizers, even on organically grown crops.  Superphosphates, or N-P-K fertilizers, stimulate plant growth but do not supply the trace minerals that crops require.


Other implications of the ether concept.  Even if a food is somewhat toxic or imperfect, if it contains a lot of etheric energy, it may still be good to eat.  A good example of this is eating red meats, such as lamb.  All red meats contain some toxins, but they have very high etheric energy because they are animal-based products.  As long as you don’t eat too much, we find people will fare much better eating a small portion of lamb twice per week for optimal health.

Cooking food is another example of how the ether concept affects one’s diet.  Cooking damages some vitamins, but the etheric energy of most food rises when it is properly cooked.  This is because adding some heat to most food balances its energy.  Cooking also makes the minerals in vegetables much more available.  Otherwise, they are locked in the tough vegetable fiber and one would have to chew for hours to release them. 

Foods enhanced by cooking include meats, grains, and vegetables.  Foods that do not need cooking to increase their etheric energy are dairy products, fats and oils.


3. Empathic ether.  This is ether that one obtains from other people.  For example, some ether can go from a healer to a client, from a parent to a child, from a husband to his wife, and vice versa.

Healing methods such as laying on of hands, massage, Reiki, professional foot reflexology, body work, and religious or spiritual healing work this way.  These methods of healing are calledempathic.  For details, read Empathic Blending on this site.

Vampirism.  This is obtaining ether from other people by stealing it.  For details, read Energetic Vampirism on this website. 


4. New ether. This is ether from the environment that one brings into the body using specific methods.  A primary method is to use the mind to push or pull ether into the head area and then move it downward from the head to the feet.  Done correctly, this moves a lot of etheric energy into the body.  For details, please read The Pushing Down Exercise.

Doing any amount of doing this exercise is beneficial.  Doing it at least two hours daily will eventually lead to rejuvenation of the body and reversal of the aging process.  It literally refills the ether supply of the body.

We suggest everyone do the pushing down exercise daily, and not other meditations or spiritual practices.  The others may be calming and may have other benefits, but they do not bring in as much ether.  In fact, many of them deplete ether.

Certain foods, supplements and detoxification procedures also facilitate moving energy downward from the head to the feet.  These are the ones recommended in our nutritional balancing programs.  Other foods, herbs and nutritional supplements have an opposite effect, and we suggest avoiding them.




By improving one’s lifestyle and state of health, the body can absorb or extract much more ether from air, water and food.  A healthful lifestyle means the following:

- Get plenty of rest.  Most people need 9 to 10 hours of sleep every night.  For details, read Rest and Sleep.

- Go to bed by 9 PM or earlier.  The hours before midnight are the best for sleeping.  Staying up late harms the body in all cases.

- Stay warm.  This is often overlooked, but is quite important.  Wear a hat in cold weather, wear socks to keep your feet warm, and cover up the legs to stay warm as well.  When you go out, always bring along an extra sweater or jacket.

- Practice deep breathing.  You can do this lying down, sitting or walking.  Vigorous exercise forces one to breathe deeply.  However, we don’t recommend vigorous exercise because it uses up too much energy and often depletes the body.

Deep breathing is wonderful, however.  There is a way to increase the oxygen content of your home and office easily and cheaply.  Buy an ozonator/ionizer air purifier, set it up high on a shelf or on a bracket, and just leave it running.  It will increase the oxygen content of the air by converting some oxygen to ozone, and then more oxygen will come into the home or office if there is some ventilation to the outside.  To read more about this, read Ozonator/Ionizer Air Purifiers.

- Reduce stress in every area of your life.

- Avoid contact with toxins as much as possible.  This includes food, water, air, and through direct contact such as handling toxic products or putting them on your skin.  This includes avoiding or minimizing the use of  medical drugs, vaccines, and most over-th-counter remedies.

- Retain your sexual fluid as much as possible.  Sexual fluid contains a lot of etheric energy.  It is necessary to make a baby.  Retaining this fluid is an old trick if you want to be live a long and healthy life.

We don’t agree with today’s doctors who tell men and women that the more ordinary sex they have, the better.  Instead of ordinary sex, try Down Sex, which has many healing benefits in addition to retaining sexual fluid.

- Keep the channels through which the ether flows open and clear.  Certain therapies, notably foot and hand Reflexology, the Spinal TwistsChiropractic and Deep Breathing help keep these channels open and can help open more of them.

- Balance yang and yin forces in the body.  Development requires this.  Balancing yin and yang is why we do not recommend fruit, sugars, any alcohol at all, no chocolate and very little nuts, seeds, raw food or juices.  These are all too yin.  

This is also why we recommend mainly cooked food, and every day to eat a lot of cooked vegetables with each meal and animal protein up to twice daily.

It is also the reason to not eat the yin vegetables such as the nightshades – tomatoes, white or red potatoes, eggplant and all peppers, ideally.  It is also the reason to avoid overeating, and avoid all smoothies and shakes, and other sweetened foods and beverages of all kinds, at all times.

Maintaining the yin and yang balance of the body accomplishes so much it could fill a book.  For more details, read Understanding Yang And Yin and Yin And Yang Healing on this website.  

- Balance the oxidation rate and sodium/potassium ratio in the tissues (not in the blood). This requires a nutritional balancing program, and is another powerful way to enhance ether in the body.


For more about this and related subjects, read Etheric ResettingTelomeres And How To Lengthen Them, and The Ether Theory.


by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

All information in this article is for educational purposes only.  It is not for the diagnosis, treatment, prescription or cure of any disease or health condition.

Ryan Musick