Earth is a special planet, though this may not be apparent at this time.  Many who live upon earth are asking for healing and a group of souls have responded to this request.  We are planetary helpers.




The group assisting the earth wishes to bring a lot more truth about many subjects to planet earth.  This website is a part of this effort.  It will broaden your knowledge and help you distinguish truth from fiction if you read and sturdy the articles it contains.

No truth.  A pernicious teaching on earth is that there is no truth, but rather just opinions.  This is totally false.  However, the truth may seem unusual and may upset and contradict commonly held beliefs.  So in reading this and other articles presented on this site, please keep an open mind.

Where is truth?  Another pernicious teaching is that truth is found only in college or only on the internet.  This is also not true.  For more details, read Truth and Integrity.




We acknowledge the authority of the Bible over the people of the earth.  This, we believe, is a truth of our time in history.  This does not mean that we hang on every word of the Bible.  The reason is that the Bible has been translated and translated again, so one must be careful. 

For example, another article on this website explains that we believe the first word in the Hebrew Bible is mistranslated.  This changes the meaning of other parts of the Hebrew Bible (see An Ancient Hebrew Language).

The principles in the Bible are helpful for mankind.  Societies that live by its legal, moral and social concepts are the finest in the world.  Those that do not live by its principles are not as healthy or as prosperous, and tend to be more oppressive.  This is the truth.  This idea is summarized in Deuternomy 28:58-61:


58 If you do not carefully follow all the words of this law, which are written in this book, and do not revere this glorious and awesome name—the Lord your God—59 the Lord will send fearful plagues on you and your descendants, harsh and prolonged disasters, and severe and lingering illnesses. 

60 He will bring on you all the diseases of Egypt that you dreaded, and they will cling to you.

61 The Lord will also bring on you every kind of sickness and disaster not recorded in this Book of the Law, until you are destroyed.


For example, the bible teaches that we must care for the body.  First Corinthians 3:16-17 states: 


“For do you not know that you are God’s temple and that God’s spirit dwells in you?  If anyone destroys God’s temple, God will destroy him.  For God’s temple is holy, and you are that temple.”


We could not say it better!  Using vaccination as an example, Levitticus 17:15-16 states that:


15 “‘Anyone, whether native-born or foreigner, who eats anything found dead or torn by wild animals must wash their clothes and bathe with water, and they will be ceremonially unclean till evening; then they will be clean. 16 But if they do not wash their clothes and bathe themselves, they will be held responsible.’”


Vaccination is definitely unacceptable because vaccines are often made from the blood of animals that are injected with diseases and then, when they die or are close to death, the blood is made into vaccines. 

In addition, vaccines are often made from the blood or tissues of Biblically unclean animals such as pigs and monkeys.

Many Christians think that the kosher or cleanliness laws in the Old Testament no longer apply, but we disagree with this opinion.  Two products we use have a tiny amount of unclean products in them – Thyro-complex and GB-3.  This is only because we have not found adequate substitutes at this time (March 2019).




We believe that all human bodies today are nutritionally depleted and toxic.  This is due to nutritionally depleted food and chemical agriculture, pollution of the entire planet, exposure to ionizing radiation, exposure to harmful electromagnetic fields, medical drugs and vaccines, and other toxic exposures.  We know this is true because we regularly measure the levels of nutrients and toxins in body tissues.

This is our starting point in helping people regain their health.  It is unlike the medical and naturopathic professions, which think otherwise.  The twin problems of nutritional depletion and toxic accumulation affects everyone, without exception.  For details, read Everyone Is Depleted And Toxic.




This is a small, private foundation started in 2007 through which we offer:

- This website.

- Healing programs for human beings and animals.

- Research about health, nutrition and development.

- Education about many sciences that are not commonly taught on earth.  This is presented in some of the 1500 articles available free of charge on this website, as well as in a number of audio programs.

- Book publication.

- Training for those who wish to assist others to undertake a development program.

- Financial support for children and young women who cannot afford a healing program.  Someday, we hope to be able to assist older women and men, as well.  However, our resources are limited at this time.

- Free telephone and email support to answer inquiries.

- Community outreach and assistance for policy makers and our community and national leaders.

We welcome donations to the Center For Development.  They are much needed so that the foundation will grow.  For more information and to donate, click here.




To understand events on earth, one must know that there exists a war on earth between her people and and a group of beings from other planets who want to control this planet.  

On this website, we call the opposition force the rogues.  The Bible refers to them as devils or Satans.  In an ancient Hebrew language, the word Satan means the secret ones.

They are vicious, brutal, cold-blooded killers who work to confuse and undermine everything wholesome and holy on planet earth in order to control life on earth for their own purposes.

  To explain the events on earth, they want people to blame:

- Governments and corporations.

- Certain groups of people such as Jews, Christians, white people, capitalists or others.

- Natural forces such as climate change or global warming.

This effectively sets the people of earth against each other.  It sets rich against poor, men against women, the religious against the secular, heterosexuals against homosexuals, light-skinned against darker skinned, religion against religion and nation against nation.  This is nothing but the old method of divide and conquer, which they know well.

They are extremely smart in the areas of brainwashing, witchcraft, lying, propaganda, brutality and torture, micro-electronics, invisibility or cloaking, and many other sciences.  Their weapons, computers, space vehicles, communication systems and other infrastructure are much better than ours.

Just a few of their major programs on earth are:

- Poisoning the air, food and water.

- Massive monetary manipulation.

- Implanting people with tiny electronic devices for the purpose of weakening and controlling them.

- Murdering all whom they do not like.

- Exploitation of women, whom they find especially threatening to their cause. They require all humans on earth to be weak and sick in order to better control them.  In order to produce sick humans, they must rape and exploit those who produce the children.

Rape infects the women with diseases that are passed on to their husbands and children, depletes nutrients, adds toxic metals to the body, removes important souls, and more.  For details, read Rape and Healing Rape.

They have worked quietly on earth for years, but recently they have had to become more visible..  They have stolen control of all major corporations, most national governments, the United Nations, most colleges and universities and most of the mass media on earth.  This is how they control the thinking and actions of most people on earth.

In the United States, they control both major political parties, but much more so the Democratic Party, which they have taken over quite completely.  In Europe, they control all major political parties, but especially the labor parties.  In many nations, they are the government.

They teach many false doctrines such as socialism, progressivism, liberalism and communism.  These are nothing more than fancy names for authoritarian rule or tyranny.  The rogues were also responsible for the rise of the Nazis in Germany in the mid-twentieth century.

- They teach identity politics and group rights, which are nothing more than other schemes to divide humanity and set people against one other.

For more details, read The RoguesHow People Are Influenced MentallyEntity Attachment And ReleasePsychotronicsThe Psi WarHypnosisSatanismTrance StatesCults And Terror SocietiesThe Cult Or Rape DietRapeBrainwashingIdentifying A Brainwashed PersonForgingZombiesEnergetic VampirismImplantsWitchcraftSoul UpgradesStockholm SyndromeProstitutionFemale Genital MutilationCurses, Hexes And Spells and

Soul Loss And Recovery.




Souls are the basic units of consciousness in the cosmos.  Earth scientists, directed by their rogue censors, deny the existence of souls because the equipment to see such small beings is denied to planet earth.  That is the only reason they are not a household word.

They are very small beings composed of a tiny hair or wire that is really a wave guide.  This is the same design as a common television cable.  For details, read Wave Guides.  

Surrounding the end of the wire are 21 fine-matter bodies.  Fine matter is less dense than the matter that composes our bodies.  The hairs or wires connect to a source that we call the Fathers.  These are described below.

Souls could be seen with an electron microscope but they are of a lower density than we are, so they do not show up in the field of any microscope currently allowed on earth.  

A number of articles on this website describe souls such as Soul ScienceSoul Upgrades, and several others.




A human body is an amazing DNA configuration that is home to about 100 trillion souls.  They operate every body system.  Without them, the body would not function.

However, the outer personality of a person is determined by a group of about 20 to 40 souls called the directors.  One soul is the main soul or coodinator or entity soul.

Our flesh is made of a type of matter called coarse matter.  Other bodies are made of a finer type of matter.  We cannot see these because their flesh is of a lower density, but they are real.  They include elves and angels.  A few people do see them, mostly young girls.

Fine-matter creatures have no problem living in space.  They handle the cold and lack of air very well.  Some are tiny, while others are huge.  They have different forms.  Some look like our plants and animals.  Others look human-like.  For more details, read Bodies In Space and The Life Chart.

The bodies are programmed by the DNA, which is almost always perfect.  What are called genetic diseases and defects are mostly due to problems in the RNA or other problems with the many steps of protein synthesis.  

Current genetic testing cannot distinguish these steps, so doctors tell many people they have defective DNA when it is not true.  This is just another rogue trick to depress and discourage people.

The real problem with people’s genetics is genetic expression, which is only due to nutritional deficiencies and toxic metals.  For details without fancy words, read Genetics and Genetic Testing.




The Fathers are special fine matter creatures that contain very advanced souls.  The very fine hairs or wires that lead to all the souls grow out of the bodies of the Fathers.  The connection between a main or entity soul and its Father can never be broken or the soul dies.

This is important because Christian theology understands this connection.  We are never separate from our Father or Source, a very important theological concept.

The rogues would have us believe that either there is no Father, or we are separate from Him.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

The Fathers guide and supervise the souls.  In between the Fathers and the souls are other advanced souls that are called oversouls because they each supervise about 1000 souls.  The rogues interfere with these connections as best they can, but to repeat the point, they cannot break the connection completely.  They can only damage it, which they do.

Those with a good connection to their Father are healthy and happy.  Those with a bad connection are ill, unhappy and usually pathological in their beliefs and behavior.

Finding one’s way back to a healthy connection to one’s Father is a critical task for everyone who wants to be healthy and happy.  It is one of the purposes of all religions.

In fact, the word religion, from the Latin language, means to re-link or to restore one’s connection to the Father.  Similar words in English are ligament and legal.  They mean linking something together.  Ligaments join muscles to bones.  Legal systems bind together societies. 




As stated earlier, earth is a very special place and her inhabitants are quite special, as well.  It is called a royal planet because it gives birth to other planets.  This becomes somewhat technical, but it is the reason the rogues want to control it.  They want to make sure earth does not birth new planets that would interfere with their overall control of the cosmos.

The planet has a living creature inside that is an enormous fine-matter being.  It is currently quite ill, but is getting better thanks to the efforts of millions of human beings, who are subconsciously aware of the truth about the planet and offer their prayers every day for healing of the planet and all her inhabitants.

The planet needs a lot of clean up from thousands of years of poisoning and other damage.  This is a major task of those who are assisting this planet. 

The environmental movement is very important for this.  However, the rogues have infiltrated this movement, as they infiltrate all good things on planet earth.  So one must be very careful about the pronouncements of the environmentalists, who often mean well but are misled by their rogue censors.

For example, human beings are not “killing the earth”.  This is complete nonsense, no matter how many scientific studies the rogues produce to prove it.  In fact, the truth is the opposite.  Human activity is saving the earth, mainly through prayer, which is the power of positive thought.

Also, climate change is not the problem on earth.  Burning fossil fuels or driving gas-powered cars is not the problem.  The problem is the rogues, who have poisoned the air, the water and land.  They interfere with the climate, as well, but this is minor in comparison with the damage they do via poisoning.

Also, the cause of environmental problems is not capitalism.  Capitalism is the advanced science of self-governance in the economic sphere and is the best method of producing goods and services the world has ever known.

Also, the problems of earth are not due to corporations, greed or farting cows.  The problem is the rogues, who want you to blame anyone you wish, but not them, for our environmental problems.




There exist highly developed human beings who assist the planet, her people, and everything else on the planet.  One of these groups is the Order of Melchizedek spoken of in both the Old and New Testaments Of The Bible.

The Bible states that Abraham, founder of the Hebrew people, was visited and guided by members of this group.  The New Testament teaches that Jesus was a member of this same group.  We wish that this were more widely taught in churches and synagogues.

Everyone on earth needs to know that the planet is guided and helped by these advanced beings.  They keep the planet alive and will continue to do so.  They want people to stay happy and relaxed, and not to worry about anything!  They know things have been difficult for many people and for many creatures, as well.  However, they say things are getting better and this will continue.  For more details, read The Hierarchy.




Space is vast and ancient.  It is much larger than our telescopes can see.  It is also thousands of trillions of years old.

Space contains billions of planets, a few of which have human beings on them who look very much like us.  Some of them travel in space with rather simple electrically-powered ships that extract energy from the Ether in space.  

Their craft make our spacecraft seem very primitive.  Some have landed here and a number of books describe these contacts.

Television programs and a few movies, particularly Star Trek, are based on visions or actual contact some people have had with beings from space.  It is not purely Hollywood fiction.  For more details, read Outer SpaceIntelligent Life On Other Worlds and Exopolitics.




Development is a lengthy Life Path that we promote because it is your birthright and it is not taught widely on earth.  It is an esoteric process that makes a human much more healthy, eliminates most diseases and extends life.  It requires the growth of the Seven Physical Energy Centers, and the correct spinning of the three Dantiens.

It also involves the growth of the Merkaba, which is described in the Bible.  For more details, click here: Development.

Also read How To Mature Faster and The Will.




These are healing programs that we suggest if one wants to develop quickly.  They seem like simple nutrition programs, but they are much more.

Development programs have one goal in mind – to feed the genetic requirements for the full unfolding of the human potential.  In this sense, they are completely unlike all other healing methods.  This is why the recommended foods and other aspects of a development program may seem unusual. 

The program consists of a special diet, about 8 to 10 very specific nutritional supplements, and 6 or more specific detoxification and healing procedures.

For dietary details, read Daily FoodsOccasional Foods and Forbidden Foods.

To read about the nutritional supplements, go to Nutritional Supplements Used In Development Programs.

For details about the healing procedures, read The Pulling Down ExerciseCoffee EnemasSauna TherapyThe Spinal TwistsReflexologyThe Neck Pull, and The Accelerators.

One can do as much of the program as one desires.  The more one does, the faster will be the genetic changes required for development.

Research and updates.  We continue to learn more about development and we add this information to this website almost daily.  For the latest changes, read Updates.

Retracing.  Most problems with a development program occur due to retracing.  This is an unusual process in which all unhealed illnesses and traumas inside a person are brought to the surface of consciousness for processing and release.  The feelings can be hateful, murderous and ugly.  However, they must be faced so they can be processed and released.  Then miracles occur in one’s life.

We are sad that many people change or stop the program when these feelings or other symptoms arise.  We recently added Lecithin to some people’s programs and this is helping a lot with the anxiety that can occur when ugly feelings arise on the program.  

Development programs differ from all other healing methods in that they do not require diagnosing disease entities.  Instead, one identifies imbalances on a properly performed hair mineral test, not a blood serum or other test, and one corrects these imbalances.  When one does this in the proper way, development occurs automatically.  As it occurs, symptoms go away.

This is very different from holistic, alternative, naturopathic, herbal and medical healing methods.  Many articles on this website discuss this method of restoring and developing the body. Click here to go to this section of the website articles.




The moral code of a society determines its strength, its quality and its future.  The moral code of a nation and its people is the bedrock of the nation or civilization.

The moral code we suggest is The Ten Commandments Of Moses and the Golden Rule (Do unto others as you would have them do unto you).  Anyone who does not obey these rules needs to be imprisoned or put to death so they do not cause harm to others.

Putting a person to death for a deadly crime is a good idea.  It frees the 100 trillion souls who are often trapped in a faulty body.  Efforts to do away with the death penalty for heinous crimes is always an effort to destroy a society.

Anyone who questions or seeks to disparage, discredit, weaken or remove the moral code above in any way is a rogue agent, even if they don’t realize it.

For example, lawsuits to remove plaques and statues containing it, and efforts to stop teaching it to every child in school, are among the most destructive acts imaginable.  Their real intent is to destroy civil society.  Never accept the phony argument that these laws might “offend” someone.  Too bad if they do!




- All souls are needed and all are created equal.

- No soul is better than the others.

- Some souls, however, are older than others.  This often means they are more mature and wiser than others, but this is temporary and the others will catch up.

- Souls must also obey the Ten Commandments of Moses and the Golden Rule.  Any that do not obey must be imprisoned so they do not cause harm to others.




Harming others or taking advantage of others in any way is completely stupid because at the highest level, we are all children of the same Source, and we need each other healthy and happy.  Thus, war, stealing, lying, murder and rape are completely idiotic.

However, war teaches many lessons so it is used to provide certain experiences for souls.

The nations of earth need strong defenses because wars will not stop for a while.  Among the nations, America’s military is the most powerful and a force for good!  It needs to be maintained.  No other military force can fulfill this role at this time.  Any effort to degrade, demean or damage it in any way is among the most destructive acts imaginable.

The current American president, Mr. Trump, understands this well and thoroughly supports the military.  The former president, Mr. Obama, weakened the military and attempted to take away the people’s personal weapons of self-defense.  This causes him stand out as the worst president in the nation’s history.  Every child needs to learn this in school.

Perhaps it seems unusual to judge a leader by the way he treats his military.  However, anyone who thinks about it knows that this is a valid way to judge the leader.  Without the military on earth, a nation is weak and at the mercy of its enemies.  This is another lesson that every child needs to learn.

By Dr. Lawrence Wilson

 All Information In This Article Is For Educational Purposes Only.  It Is Not For The Diagnosis, Treatment, Prescription Or Cure Of Any Disease Or Health Condition.    

Ryan Musick