The Big Picture:


Understanding the big picture is important when learning or studying anything. In regards to the science of nutritional balancing and healing in general, there are several principles addressed in order to see the big picture.


• Nutritional balancing requires that one strictly follow certain rules and principles for the deepest healing to occur quickly and safely.

• It requires more self-discipline than some people have, although once a person adopts the diet and lifestyle, it is not a difficult routine.

• The disease process basically involves: 1) slowing of the oxidation rate, 2) reduced oxygenation and hydration of the tissues, 3) clogging of the system with toxins of all kinds, and 4) ‚”rusting‚”, or the buildup of oxides in the body. Oxides cause oxidant damage.

• Healing consists of reversing the above process – removing the oxides, infections and other toxins, restoring the body’s oxidation reactions, restoring oxygenation and hydration, and balancing the oxidation rate. The latter is often slow and difficult because it requires restoring the activity of millions of enzymes throughout the body.

• Dr. Paul Eck discovered basic ways to do whole system healing, which is the only way to heal the body at the deepest levels. This was his genius. Healing just the digestive part of the body, or the cardiovascular part generally misses the mark. This is the problem with conventional post-modem medical care and much of holistic care as well.

• A few other procedures such as near infrared sauna therapy and coffee enemas enhance the process tremendously. In fact, they are needed in most cases because the bodies are even more deranged and exhausted today than when Dr. Eck was alive.

• In human beings, one must also heal the mind, emotions and even a person’s spiritual outlook for the deepest healing and for mental and spiritual development to occur properly.

  • The healing process at the deepest levels involves a fascinating process called retracing. Any healing system that does not cause a lot of retracing is not at the same level and will not provide the same type of deep changes.

  • A new type of life on earth. Most people run themselves down over time. These principles provide a way that a person literally becomes more developed and healthier as time moves on. This is a reversal of the basic path that most people’s lives take today. This opens up many possibilities concerning life extension and anti-aging.

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"Balance Brings Freedom."

TheraPeutic Principles:

Nutritional balancing science combines many therapeutic principles borrowed from both ancient and modern scientific, physiological and philosophical approaches from around the world. A few of the most critical ones are:

  • Improving vitality. As vitality improves, the body can heal ALL types of imbalances.

  • Balancing the body. This ancient principle greatly improves the body’s vitality by reducing stress on the body in very subtle ways.

  • Seeking to work with the teleology or healing intent of the body. This has to do with avoiding toxins, stimulants and other methods of healing that in any way interfere with the body’s own wisdom. It can be a rather subtle therapeutic principle.

  • Replacing less preferred minerals with more preferred minerals in millions of enzyme binding sites. This is a very precise, gentle and, at times, slower process to restore enzyme strength and vitality in the body. It is quite different from ‘chelating out’ toxic metals, for example, or just feeding a person certain foods and nutrient formulas.

  • Combination therapy. All nutritional balancing programs involve a combination of therapies such as a diet, a healthy lifestyle, nutritional supplements and more.

  • A holistic approach. Nutritional balancing always addresses all levels of a person’s being, such as the physical, biochemical, emotional and spiritual. This is not the case with post-modern medical care, which is often quite fragmented.

  • Non-toxic therapy. No drugs or bio-identical hormones are used, unless needed temporarily to maintain life in an emergency.


Below are four main therapeutic modalities that create a complete nutritional balancing program.

1. Lifestyle

Correction of basic living habits is the single most important recommendation in nutritional balancing for most people. This includes improving one’s eating and sleeping habits. Others have to do with exercise and activity. Still others concern avoiding toxic exposures, emotional control, and one’s attitudes, beliefs, thinking habits and behavior.  

2. Diet

A diet suitable for one’s oxidation type is a primary healing modality and lifestyle aspect. The diet is strict. Some people object to this, but increasingly people realize how serious the problems are in their diets, and just how powerful a healthful diet can be. Most food today, for instance, is simply not worth eating at all, even on rare occasions. Most is hybridized, genetically altered, processed, stripped of its few remaining nutrients and laced with hundreds of questionable flavor enhancers, preservatives and other additives. 

3. Nutrient supplementation

A number of simple, targeted nutritional supplements are another important component of nutritional balancing programs. Supplements are recommended in a very precise and specific way based on hair analysis readings and rarely based on symptoms or signs, such as high blood pressure. However, when used symptomatically, supplements are always recommended in a way that balances the oxidation rate and the major mineral ratios. This is a most important difference between this science and most other nutritional approaches. It makes nutritional balancing safer and much more effective, as well. 

4. Detoxification

  • Near infrared light sauna. Infrared saunas are very safe, powerful, cost effective and quite comfortable when used properly. With daily use, they quickly begin to reduce the load of metals, chemicals and infections that everyone carries today. Several years of daily sauna use is needed in most adults to remove the bulk of their toxic metals and toxic chemicals. Sauna therapy also relaxes the autonomic nervous system, assists cardiovascular health, improves circulation, oxygenation and hydration, and helps to restore the skin and support the kidneys and liver.


  • Coffee enemas. The effects of daily coffee enemas are quite amazing. Numerous clients have reported that coffee enemas ”saved my life”. In most adults, coffee enemas are needed for several years to detoxify the liver and to speed up progress. In some cases, healing will be limited without them.


  • The mental exercise/meditation. The only mental training recommended at this time is the meditation or concentration exercise as taught by Roy Masters, and as modified to send energy straight down the body from head to feet in a powerful way. Unlike some mental training exercises and even some prayers, this exercise is simple, non-denominational, grounding and helps to calm the mind. It also helps to center and focus one’s energy and gently assists healing at deep levels. In addition, it is very safe because it is a whole system type of meditation exercise, unlike many others offered today.


"Balance Builds Strength."